Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am taking a course on social media to learn how to use social networking sites as a means of marketing.  My assignment today was to set up my blog and write at least 3 posts. It took me some time to get this done as my two children, Simone, 14 and Tori, 11 were also doing their homework.  Their homework time can last anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours.  Not because the amount of homework varies that much but because there is always something that comes up, something that has to be talked about, dealt with or addressed.  Today was no different.  We talked about their assignments; Simone was stuck in a group science project with boys who wanted to dump all the work on her (we worked that one out, just tell them "I don't think so!").  We reviewed student council applications; Tori your application should be about what you will do for your class not just what it will do for you (she may be a true politician in the making).  And, we spent at least an hour searching our whole house for a lost science and math book which have just magically disappeared.

Tonight was not much different from most weeknights at our house, you can easily switch out the missing books for missing homework, dance shoes, swim goggles, riding helmet or a number of other things.  Science, math, studying vocab words all of it, although in the moment seems exhausting, is our life and I am happy to be able to jump into the mix with my own homework assignments, blogging, who me.

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Anita said...

Simone & Tori are lucky to have you as a Mom.